The Flapper's Dictionary

As recorded by Ella Hartung in 1922

This isn't the official Flapper's Dictionary, but a version recorded in 1922 by a young woman who would -- much later -- become my grandmother.

Dimbox A taxicab
Flatwheeler A young man who takes a young lady to an egg harbor
Egg harbor A fall dance
Clothesline One who tells neighborhood stories
Whiskbroom A man who cultivates whiskers
Let's blouse Let's go
Crabhanger Reformer
Shifter A grafter
Snugglepup Young man who frequents petting parties
Petting party Social event devoted to hugging
Finale hopper Young man who arrives after all bills are paid
Hiphound One who drinks hootch
Sodbuster An undertaker
Applesauce Flattery or bunk
Weeping willow Same as crepehanger
Ritz Stuck up
Alarm clock A chaperone
Father time Any man over 30 yrs
Ear muffs Radio receivers
Dingledangler One who persists in telephoning
Cake basket A limousine
Statts(?) Conversation that means nothing
Oilcan An imposter
Fire alarm A divorced woman
Cuddle-cootie Young man who takes a girl for a ride on a bus
Forty-niner Man who is prospecting for a rich wife
Tomato Good looking girl with no brains
Slat Young man
Strike breaker Young woman who goes with her friend's "steady" while there is a coolness
Dud A wall flower
Cake-eater Harmless lounge lizard
Noodle-juice Tea
Boob-tickler Girl who has to entertain her father's customers from out of town
Snake-charmer A female bootlegger
Dive-ducat Subway ticket
Mad money Carfare home if she has a fight with her escort
Hikers Knickerbockers
Whangdoodle Jazz band
Grubstake Invitation to dinner
Pillowcase Young man who is full of feathers
Feathers Small talk
Hush money Allowance from father
Bean-picker One who tries to patch up trouble
Corn-shredder Young man who dances on lady's feet
Police-dog Young woman's fiance
Airedale Homely man
Fig leaf One piece bathing suit
John D. An oily person
Sweetie Anybody she hates
Sugar Money
Urban set A new gown
His blue serge His girl
Cutting yourself a piece of cake Making yourself wait patiently
Dog Kennels Pair of shoes
Dogs Feet
Stilts Legs
Mouthpiece Lawyer
Handcuff Engagement ring
Stutter-tub Motor boat
An alibi A box of flowers
Anchor Bank roll
Monogolist Young man who hates himself
Dropping the pilot Getting a divorce
Appleknocker A hick
Biscuit A pettable flapper
Butt me Give me a cigarette
Barney A scanal walker
Dincher A half smoked cigarette
Barney-muggin Love-making
Brush-ape Anyone from the sticks - a hayshaker
Cake-Eater A wearer of tight clothes, belted coat with spearlike lapels and one button, sausage trousers, low quick fitting collar, greenish pink shirt; and one of those jazzbo ties that gives you the giggles.
Cat's Pajamas Anything that's good
Dapper A flapper's father
Darb Gink with a roll of coin
Finale hopper Always ready to promise the last wrestle and never there when it comes around; The spendthrift who arrives after the ticket-takers have departed
Frog's eyebrows Nice, fine
Fluky Funny, odd, different
Goof Flapper's sweetheart
Half cut Happily intoxicated
Kippy Neat or nice
Neckers Those who park while dancing
Sharpshooter A good dancer [who spends his money freely]
Strangler What a spendthrift isn't
Toddler A finale hopper's faster sister
Sap A finale hopper
Smoke-eater A girl cigarette user
Plastered A synonym for pie-eyed; oiled; intoxicated
They Refers to objecting parents