The Mystery WOOD Men

Do you know Horace F. Wood? How about Melville Wood?

They're a mystery. I know almost nothing about them except for three bits of ephemera left by my grandmother.

1890 Invitation to Company B reception

Horace F. Wood "and Lady" were invited to a Full Dress Reception for Company B of the 13th Regiment Infantry of the National Guard, State of New York, in the fall of 1890. (The Armory was in Brooklyn, New York.)

According to this page, there was a 13th Regiment National Guard Infantry which "mustered out at Brooklyn, N. Y, September 28, 1862."

Judson booklet, frontHorace's name is scrawled on a fundraising booklet for the Adoniram Judson Memorial Church Edifice Fund. Judson was a missionary in Burma; he was imprisoned about 1820, released, and died in 1850, which would seem to date the booklet to shortly after that time. Judson booklet, back

And I also have an invitation extended to Mr. and Mrs. Melville Wood to the silver anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William Scandling in 1879. There is no address given; evidently all the guests knew where they resided. And a search of the Web hasn't turned up any useful clues on Mr. Scandling.

Invitation envelope   The invitation

It is likely that Horace and Melville were related. (Whether they are related to me is a complete mystery.) But searching the Web has turned up nothing useful, and without more info, it's a dead end.

That's all I know -- except for one thing: my grandmother's name was CONKLIN, one of the New Jersey/New York CONKLIN lines. Put all together, these clues might be enough for someone.

I'd welcome any clues.