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Elle Brucken
eebrucken (at)
I have some family sheets listing 14 children of Dr. Johann George HAVEMANN, born in Bulkau, Niedersachsen 1763) and his children born in Oberndorf and Neuhaus/Ost Niedersachsen. Johann Georg's wife was] Luise Aurora Beata (a much used family name) WASMANN, born in Gifhorn, (near Wolffsburg) whose family later resided in Oberndorf. Johann Daniel WASMANN was an Administrator/ customs/and or tax collector in the Gifhorn vicinity.(Wife Beata Charlotte GREVEN, father an Army Captain.)

Two of the children of Dr. Johann Georg Havemann probably came to the US in the 1820' and 1830's. Dr. Wm Adolph (to Ohio) and Heinrich Eduard who went to New Orleans and had a grocery store in the French Quarter. He married Fredericka SCHECKLER. His only son died without issue, and I believe his daughters' lines may have died out by about 1920. One daughter, Wilhelmina ,married a William John DORN. Josephine married Ernest SHARPE, Dorothea married Joseph KANTZ (no children) and Fredericka Beata may have not married. They were all New Orleans residents.

Dr. Wm Adolph HAVEMANN eventually ended up in New Bremen, (Auglaize County) Ohio where he died in 1891. There he married Anna Maria OBERWITTE. Oberholsten, Gruenberg, Hanover (Parents Herman Heinrich OBERWITTE AND Maria LUBBERS).

Medical doctors Dr.Wm. Adolph, and his brother Dr. Friederich Carl Havemann attended Georg August University in Göttingen. They belonged to the same "fraternity" along with their WASMANN cousin who also attended Georg August Univ. He became a well-known churchman in Niedersachsen. Can't find his name at this moment).

Dr. Friedrich Carl, (born 1798) married Anna Maria DIONYSIUS in 1835. She possibly is from Hamburg. They had a number of children in Cadenburg. (I have just movedmoved, and these family sheets are packed away and not yet located.

Either Georg Wilhelm or Georg August, sons of Dr. Johann Georg went to Hamburg, where at least one was a silver or goldsmith. I have some silver spoons supposedly made by him.

There is also, in Deutsches Geschlecterbuch, a branch that went to S. Africa, with a possible connection through a female Havemann. My references are not now at hand.

Descendents of the Ohio Dr. William Adolph Havemann. His sons were EMIL (some descendents in Michigan) and GUSTAV. His daughters married SOLMS (Iowa, Ohio, Utah and elsewhere), BOESEL, KOOP, WEHRMAN, KUENZEL (Ohio, Montana or Wyoming ). Naturally all of these descendents are scattered around the United States.

I have the most complete collection of Ohio Havemann information, although some individuals have done their more immediate family genealogies. I have much documentation for most of this information.
Kate McCaig
mccaigk (at)
My Grandmother's name was Emoline Behrens McCaig. She was the second wife of Frank McCaig; they married in Jersey City, NJ abut 1910. She died August 11, 1915 in Jersey City, NJ. Emoline and Frank McCaig had 2 children: Frank McCaig Jr. (b. August 25, 1911) and Donald Elliot McCaig (b. November 15, 1913; d. August ll, 1915).

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is Frank and Emoline Behrens McCaig's wedding photo.
Edgar Hohls
edan (at)
Edgar has studied the immigration of Havemanns from Germany to South Africa, and created an extensive family tree from Friedrich Justus Havemann (1731-1794) to the present day.
Russell V. Havemann
Havema (at)
I am one of the 16 families listed for California. My relatives are among the 20 families listed for Illinois who descend from my Great Grandfather, Johan Karl Havemann, of Hanover, Germany, and my Grandfather, August Christopher 91860-1864), of Hillside, Illinois, who had 10 surviving of 11 children. These are Mary (1884-1960), Emma Dorothy (1886-1963), August Robert (1891- 1961), Wilhelmina (1893-1975), William Julius (1895-1979), Henry (1987-1965), Herman Frederick (1899-1949 -- my father -- Mathilda (1901-1973, Elsa (1904-1963, and Arnold (1906-1961).
Allan Stitt
allan.stitt (at)
Hartung, Witzel/Wetzel
I have connections to both the Hartung and Witzel families through my gggrandparents George and Amelia Witzel Hartung. I know these familes lived in Harrison and Kearny NJ.

I also have some info on another Hartung family (Charles and Augusta Beier Hartung) although at this time I do not have anything to tie my ggrandparents to Charles and Augusta except that it is possible that my gggrandfather and Charles may have been brothers.
Vonnie Johnston
vjohnstn (at)
I come from Johann Jacob Wetzel 1737 Ship Charming Nancy to Berks CTYPA to my father in Spencer CTY IN. My maiden name was Wetzel. Near as I can tell my line did PA>OH>IN. Now on my husband's side, Sallie Wetzel b. abt 1790 m. to Uriah Woodyard in 1810 in Greenbrier CTY WV. She was supposedly the sister or niece to Lewis Wetzel. I grew up hearing stories about Lewis Wetzel and how we were related to him. So far on that line I can find NO info.

I'm also looking for sisters,Sarah (Sallie) Wetzel b. abt 1790 and Susannah Wetzel b. abt 1800, they were both married in Greenbrier CTY WV and both married Woodyards. They eventually settled around Harrison CTY KY. Somehow they are related to Lewis Wetzel.