Ephemera: A Pamphlet.

Flier from Public School 33, the Bronx - 1921

This is a small four-page flier, apparently handed out several times a year as a means of keeping the parents of school children up to date. Its contents have been entered verbatim -- spelling, punctuation, and format (including the paragraph indents and the horizontal rules between paragraphs) have been faithfully preserved. (The title "Public School 33, The Bronx" was in an Olde English-style font which may not be available in all browsers.)

If you would like a copy of the original pamphlet for your genealogical records, contact me.

Public School 33, The Bronx


NINTH YEAR.                   MAY 31, 1921                   NO. 6

Clean-up Time

This is clean up time for the school year. In May we cleaned up on physical training work, individual records, State Ability Test, and then Field Day, the culmination of the series of regular monthly inter class meets.      In June we clean up on the scholastic work. Now is the time for the laggards to begin to worry. The day of reckoning is at hand! Those who have done their work well during the term, have nothing to fear. They know that either they will be excused entirely, or that, for them, the tests count relatively little. For the doubtful ones, the test counts much. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Parents are invited to meet Mr. Chambers, the new Bronx member of the Board of Education, at Morris High School, Tuesday evening, June 7th, at 8 o'clock, to discuss Bronx school affairs      Come on, let's go!

During the week of May 16th, we took the State Physical Ability Test, consisting of Running, Jumping, and Chinning for the boys, and Running. "Running and Catching," and Basketball Throw for the girls. Four of our 7th and 8th year classes scored "honors," thanks mainly to the girls. They did much better than the boys in this test, just as they have all term in our own physical training work. Score two for the girls! and don't forget Miss Carless, who is entitled to some of the credit.

Field Day Results

8B1 -- 58   5B1 -- 47
8B2 -- 63   5B2 -- 49 1/2
8A -- 30   5A1 -- 47 1/2
7A - B 62   5A2 -- 49
7B2 -- 45    
7A2 -- 38   4B1 -- 80
  4B2 -- 97 1/2
6B1 -- 76 -   4A1 -- 77
6B2 -- 71   4A2 -- 63 1/2
6A1 -- 79 1/2   3B1 -- 68 1/2
6A2 -- 40 1/2   3B2 -- 68 1/2
      3B2 -- 68 1/2
      3A1 -- 55
      3A2 -- 66

Our system of classifying boys and girls for athletics by age, grade, height, and weight is gaining recognition in various places.
     Dr. Thomas Wood, of Columbia, writes: "I am very much interested in the use of the exponent for more accurate and the best classification of pupils according to age, height, and weight within the same grade. This seems to be a desirable and interesting plan."

Dr. Jesse F. Williams, also of Columbia, writes: "In a study of the administration of physical education, I am planning to use your classification method, and should like to have your most recent cards for girls and boys."

Mr. Daniel Chase, Department of Education, Albany, writes: "You will note that on the score sheet we are asking for the age, weight, and height. This means that next year we will attempt a more scientific classification.

Mr. Charles W. Nethaway, of Pittsburgh, writes: "Our experiment at the Beechwood School has been very satisfactory, and there is little doubt that next year we will extend the scheme of Rational Athletics to the 5th and 6th grades."

Don't forget Bundle Day for the Near East Relief, Monday, June 6th. Tags have been furnished. See that you get yours.

Honor Roll

6B1 -- Julius Weiss, Dorothy Shaw, Margaret Gustavson, Chester Schmidt.

6B2 -- Russell Urquhardt, Manny Gottlieb, Alice Forschner.

6A1 -- Ruth Schulman, Adelaide de Lukacsevics, Lydia Carlsen.

6A2 -- Eleanor Sanders, Edna Deutsch, Florence Eckstein, Pearl Nathanson, Maurice Nathanson, Helen Zimmermann, Dorothy Zimmermann, Edward Markey.

5B1 -- Frances Olive Johnston, Jack Rosenbluth, Frank Forshner, Blanche Frances Bond, Clarence Donnelly.

5B2 --

5A1 --

5A2 --

4B1 --

4B2 --

4A1 -- Leo Whitcup, Edith Hamilton, Anna Hohnsted.

4A2 -- Dorothy Wallace; Charlie Childs, Howard Tompkins, John Branson, Anna Rheinhardt, Irene Ireland, Jesse Hendry, Mary Markey, Eleanor Hazard, Lydia Hunter, Price Shaver.

3B1 -- Victor Wilson, Gladys Trickleinger, Sylvia Cassidy, Helen Loveitt, Margaret Page, Anna Lacure.

3B2 -- Eugene Kuhns, Lillian Brookman.

3A1 -- Edward Herstein, Robert Herstein.

3A2 -- Elaine Vannerman, Harold Lindquist.

2B1 -- Marion Bremer, Edward Williams, Harriet Berger, Borcos Jencks.

2B2 -- Mortimer Fleischl, Helen Carter, Charles Schoefer

2A1 -- Jeannette Wacht, Ada Tassoni, Edward Katzer.

2A2 -- Doris Leslie, Bertha Tamm, Ruth Tompkins, Harry Newman, Elbert Rhoads, Donald Wilcox.

2A3 -- Patricia Dugliss, Ruth Lichtenstein, Doris Hoppe, John Backes.

1B1 -- Virginia Selkirk, Eleanor Goldberger, Louise Karlen, Elsie Berstein, Ruth Hillis, Walter Zuckerman.

1B2 -- Doris Meyer, Claire Smith, Doris Rosenberg.

1B3 -- Lloys Combes, Victor Fox, Robert Lindner, Lucille Markowitz, Gwendolyn Stuttig, Helen Wolf.

1A1 -- Warren Meseraeu, Pail Lustig, Teresa De Lama, Florence Reichle.

1A2 -- Eloise Anderson, Pearl Buchman, Dorothy Koppleman, Beatrice Chasen, Bernice Gang.

1A3 -- Dorothy Costello, Josephine Pomerici, Earl V. Mead, Jerome Gordon.