Photo Gallery: BEHRENS (NY)

A Work in Progress

As the 'official' family historians at this time, we've been given a lot of old photos. Some have captions (more or less cryptic) on the back; others have been identified (more or less) by older family members.

We now know how the Behrens family is related to the Havemann family -- read it here.

Here are more Behrens photos with captions. Researchers and "cousins," please feel free to get in touch!

A Behrens family get-together, 1931
The caption reads:
1931. Front row: Wallie1, Margie1, Wm. Behrens2
Second row: Uncle Henry, Aunt Augusta's grandson (Edgar Willendrup), Aunt Anna (Wm's mother)3 & his children 4, Nellie (Wm's wife)2
Rear -- young Edgar's mother, Tanny5, Grandma5, Edgar (Aunt Augusta's son), Dorothy (Wm's sister) 6
1 Walter HAVEMANN, brother of Alfred; Margie, his first wife
2 William Wohlsen Behrens and Nellie VASEY
3 Anna Dorothy WOHLSEN Behrens, mother of W.W. Behrens
4 If "his children" refers (as it seems) to "Wm," then these would be William W. Jr. and Patricia Anne Behrens
5 'Tanny' is Anna HAVEMANN; Grandma is Mary WINGENDORFF Havemann
6 Dorothy BEHRENS, it seems


Behrens and Havemanns, not all known
Caption reads:
#1 - Ray Whiting; #2 - Uncle Will's wife Augusta; #3 - Tony Behrens Whiting
#5 - Uncle Will Behrens; Augusta's daughter-in-law