Havemanns in History

Richard Havemann, Animal Trainer

Richard Havemann's Raubtierschule

In this German postcard, "Richard Havemann's Raubtierschule," "Raubtier" translates as Carnivore or Beast of Prey. "Schule" is School

I don't know much about this fellow except for a couple of news clips.

From Balboa Park History:
February 21, 1943, San Diego Union, A-1:2-4. Richard Havemann, 68, San Diego Zoo animal trainer, dies of wounds received while saving San Diego Zoo worker from bear.

From The New York Times, same date:
SAN DIEGO, Calif., Feb. 20 (AP) -- Richard Havemann, 68, animal trainer, died in a hospital today of injuries suffered when a 3-year-old Himalayan bear he had trained since it was a cub clawed him in a sudden attack at the San Diego Zoo Dec. 11. Among American zoos for which Mr. Havemann had worked were those in St. Louis and the Bronx.

The Bronx is where the New York Havemanns called home. I wonder if he knew them?