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Ernest Havemann

Ernest Havemann, Writer


Born: May 14, 1912.

Died: June 14, 1995. His obituary appeared in The Record (formerly The Bergen [NJ] Record) on June 18, 1995, page n08:

ERNEST C. HAVEMANN, 83, of Chevy Chase, Md., formerly of Glen Rock, died Wednesday. He was a writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Time magazine, and Life magazine. He also co-authored several textbooks on psychology. He was a graduate of Washington University with a master's degree in psychology. He was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II. Arrangements: Rapp Funeral Services, Silver Spring, Md.

The Washington Post obituary adds more detail:

Mr. Havemann collaborated with Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan during the 1960s to produce a textbook, "Psychology: An Introduction," which did not use professional jargon so that it could be understood by beginning students. Subsequently, the two men collaborated on four editions of the book, the last in 1984. Mr. Havemann also worked with Marlene Lehtinen of the University of Utah on two editions of a textbook, "Marriages and Families."

As a bettor, Mr. Havemann won $61,908 one afternoon in 1963 on a purchase of 48 combinations for $96 at the Agua Caliente racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico. At the time, this was believed to have been the largest single payoff in North American racing history. Mr. Havemann wrote a story about his winning for Life magazine, complete with a picture of himself chewing on a cigar while poring over a Racing Form and claiming the title that many others have claimed as "the world's greatest handicapper."

His son, Joel, is a news editor for the Los Angeles Times Washington DC bureau; his first book "Congress and the Budget", was published in 1978. His latest book is "A Life Shaken: My Encounter With Parkinson's Disease." (Some of Joel's articles for the Harvard Crimson are still online.

Joel's wife, Judith, is a staff writer for the Washington Post. Searching Google will find dozens of her articles.

Quotes from Ernest Havemann (or his writing):

You can see them alongside the shuffleboard courts in Florida or on the porches of the old folks' homes up north...They are in love, they have always been in love, although sometimes they would have denied it. And because they have been in love they have survived everything that life could throw at them, even their own failures.
    -- Ernest Havemann, on a long-married couple, Love and Marriage

Some of the many magazine articles written by Ernest Havemann:

"On TV impish Imogene Coca parodies everybody, herself included"
LIFE Magazine, February 5, 1951

Jayne Mansfield in her pre-Hollywood days
LIFE Magazine, April 23, 1956

Who's normal? Nobody, but we all keep on trying: In dissent from 'mental health' approach, experts suggest we lean back and enjoy the situation.
LIFE Magazine, August 6, 1960

The Search for the Mysterious J.D. Salinger,
Life, November 3, 1961
An article with several photos, including of his house and dog.

Was Jack Ruby Insane? That is the question before the court as the killer of Lee Oswald goes to trial.
Life, Feb. 21, 1964

Too Much Leisure: Part II Raised on a diet of hard work, Americans now face a glut of leisure.
Life, Feb. 21, 1964

"The Sex Institute," Playboy, Sept. 1965

"Computers: Their Scope Today," Playboy, October 1967

Books by Ernest Havemann:

They Went to College by Ernest Havemann and Patricia Salter West
(New York: Harcourt, Brace), 1952

The Age Of Psychology, published 1957.

Marriages and Families: New Problems, New Opportunities by Ernest Havemann and Marlene Lehtinen
ISBN: 013558891X (Out of print: ASIN: 013558891X)

Men, Women and Marriage, 206 pages, published 1963.

Birth Control by Havemann, Ernest., binding unknown, published 1967.

Psychology, An Introduction by Jerome Kagan and Ernest Havemann
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.: New York, NY. 1976

Study Guide with Programmed Units and Learning Objectives to accompany Kagan and Havemann's Psychology: An Introduction by McCall, Robert B. and Ernest Havemann
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.: New York, NY. 1976