Havemann Ephemera

Havemanns have created or been featured on their share of artifacts. There have also been several artistic Havemanns including wood carvers, musicians, and others.

Stock-Havemann Hardware

This print ad dates from 1870.
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Ad for Stock-Havemann Hardware

The Brewery Postcard

I purchased this interesting postcard on eBay. I have no real idea of its age, but I would guess that it is circa 1920.

The brewery postcard

"Gruss aus Auerbachs Keller zu Leipzig" Greetings from Auerbach's Cellar in Leipzig
"Fassritt, 1525" ?????
"Orig. Zeichnung von P.Behrens-Havemann, Leipzig" Original drawing by P. Behrens-Havemann, Leipzig

Auerbach´s Keller zu Leipzig was established in 1525.

Richard Havemann, Animal Trainer


"Richard Havemann's Raubtierschule" The German word "Raubtier" translates as Carnivore or Beast of Prey while "Schule" means School

Interesting tidbit from http://www.sandiegohistory.org/amero/notes-1943.htm:

February 21, 1943, San Diego Union, A-1:2-4. Richard Havemann, 68, San Diego Zoo animal trainer, dies of wounds received while saving San Diego Zoo worker from bear.

Could this have been the same man? It's a mystery.

Update: New York Times, February 21, 1943: "SAN DIEGO, Calif., Feb. 20 (AP) -- Richard Havemann, 68, animal trainer, died in a hospital today of injuries suffered when a 3-year-old Himalayan bear he had trained since it was a cub clawed him in a sudden attack at the San Diego Zoo Dec. 11. Among American zoos for which Mr. Havemann had worked were those in St. Louis and the Bronx."

Is it possible that he knew the Havemanns living in the Bronx?