Havemanns in Denmark:
A Family Tree

Michael Havemann of the Danish law firm of Brix Jensen, Havemann & Djurhuus sent me this Danish family tree, published in 1935. Would anyone like to translate it?

Please note that the pages are numbered just as the originals were.

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Update: Greta Havemann of Australia has a couple of additional pages. She notes that "to my surprise it is indeed my family tree. ... I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but lived in Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland before emigrating to Australia in 1970."

Here is the foreword written by Mogens Seidelin:

"In publishing this Family Tree I wish to thank everyone who, due to their informations, have contributed to the resulting work. I would be grateful to receive information about any mistakes that might be present in this family tree as well as any additions. It is my thought to revise my work in some years time and supplement it with an appendix. As for the format of the family tree it should be noted, that of the two numbers placed in front of each name, the first number indicates the genration to which this person belongs, the second points to the person's 'number' amongst the siblings eg. 2nd in a family of nine.

"Odense, March 1935
"Mogens Seidelin"

Greta also sent pages 3 and 5. Click on a thumbnail to see each page.