The Beresford Family Society

"The Society exists to bring together all members of the Beresford family who believe themselves descended from, or who have married into, this historical family, whether they bear the surname or one of its variants, or any other surname."

Oour line of the Havemann family is proud to claim a Beresford in its lineage via Ann Maria Beresford.

The Beresford family -- which has just updated its Website -- has a history which stretches back in time further than most English families and our research into its history continues. Our pedigree and manorial rights are confirmed as far back as 1221 -- the date of the earliest provable deed. Family tradition tells us that the Beresford manor, one mile south of Hartington in the Derbyshire Dales, was created as a manor in 1087.

The family have included in their history a number of titles, several Archbishops, Bishops, Admirals and Generals, Judges, Members of Parliament and men of letters. Together with awards for gallantry and many sporting achievements it all helps to form a colourful and chequered historical backcloth to the House of Beresford.

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