Artistic Havemanns

Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann apparently made quite a number of wood carvings (Holzschnitt) in Germany in the early 1900s. (Can anyone tell me more about her?) Below are a few which have been auctioned on eBay recently.

Holzschnitt, 1905, Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann

Mehrfarb-Holzschnitt "Flatternde Windeln" (multicolor woodcut "Fluttering Sheets"): 1905, Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann

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Holzschnitt, 1918, Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann

"Kunst und Leben" ("Art and Lives"): Holzschnitt, 1918, Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann

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Holzschnitt, 1920, Margarete Braunmüller-Havemann

Another scan of "Kunst und Leben" -- the eBay seller dated it as 1920

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Havemann Authors

Ernest Havemann, Writer

Ernst Havemann, Writer

Robert Havemann, Chemist/GDR Dissident

Wilhelm Havemann: Das Leben des Don Juan d'Austria, eine geschichtliche Monographie (a historical monograph), 299pp, Gotha 1865.

We're looking for clues about...

Bill Havemann -- one of the Dick Johnson musical quartet (USA).

The The Havemann Quartet was a string quartet comprised of four men, led by Professor Gustav Havemann. While few references have been found, the "Havemann-Kwartett" performed classical music in Germany and Czechoslovakia in the 1920s. Herr Professor Havemann was still active in Germany's musical heritage in the 1930s. Further information welcomed.

Update: I've found quite a bit about Herr Professor and his Quartet. See what I've found!

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