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Welcome to Havemann Family Ancestry!

A Library for Havemann Family Genealogy Worldwide
This is an open library for Havemann family information. Havemann is just one of the many surnames I'm researching. You're welcome to browse and, if you like, share your own research. Inquiries, photos, vital & census records -- if you think it'll help other researchers, just let me know what you have.

See the Surnames page to see who I'm researching.

   -- Paul Havemann, great-great-grandson of Barthold Jacob Havemann of NYC

Catherine Ann Havemann: Best. Mom. Ever.
Kay Havemann

   Havemann Info

New! Havemann Family Tree from Denmark

The South African Connection

Where in the World are the Havemanns?

Gogo's Embroidery Shop

Barthold & Anna HAVEMANN (NY)

Artistic Havemanns
Havemanns in History

New! Richard Havemann, Animal trainer

New! Gustav Havemann, musician & composer (DE)

Ernst Havemann, author (ZA)

Robert Havemann, dissident & author (DE)

Ernest Havemann, writer/author (US)

Who is Robert Albert Havemann?
     Ad for Stock & Havemann Hardware, 1870
   Other Surname Info

New! Who are Horace and Melville Wood?

The Behrens Connection


From Beresford to Head to Havemann

The George Head Family (NJ)

Sarah Conklin's Deed (1907)

Havemann Ephemera

Flier from Public School 33, the Bronx - 1921 (Many surnames!)

My grandmother's Flapper's Dictionary (1922)

A Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant, and Vulgar Words (1860)

The Perpetual Calendar

Need tips on writing to total strangers? Read How to Write a "Blind Inquiry" Letter That Works

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For more information, write to Paul Havemann using this email or my AOL account.
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